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Photo credit: Colette Slater Barrass

Ezra Williams returns with new single ‘Deep Routed’

Ezra Williams (formerly known as Smoothboi Ezra) is excited to release their new single, ‘Deep Routed’ via AWAL.

‘Deep Routed’ examines the struggle to shake loose the weight of figures from the past in order to commit completely to somebody new. The track showcases Ezra’s softly affecting vocals, intricate instrumentation and flair for poignant, relatable songwriting. While Ezra’s earlier releases were spare and minimal, their new sound explores a fuller live band sound, steadily gathering pace and building to an emotional peak that will undoubtedly flourish in a live setting. Major influences include Fiona Apple, Soccer Mommy and Indigo De Souza, but comparisons are redundant for an artist as distinctive as Ezra.

Offering a brief glimpse of the song’s inspiration while leaving space for the listener to make it their own, Ezra says: “I wrote this about trying to deal with things from past relationships while also trying to give your all to someone new.”

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