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Ezra Williams announces debut album Supernumeraries; shares new single ‘Bleed’

Ezra Williams is excited to announce details of their debut album, Supernumeraries, which will be released on June 16 via AWAL. The latest single from the album, ‘Bleed’ is out now.

On the new single, Ezra explores the feeling of being disconnected from those around them and struggling to form close relationships despite wanting to. Their music examines the complexities of forming relationships on the Autism spectrum, offering an often overlooked perspective and moving the needle on what it means to write a love song. With softly affecting vocals and stripped back but intense instrumentation, ‘Bleed’ sets the tone for Supernumeraries early on and showcases Ezra’s masterful songwriting.

“Someone, somewhere, has a bag of my teeth,” states Ezra Williams, matter-of-factly. Growing up, the Irish musician had a condition called hyperdontia – otherwise known as an excess of teeth – and has been hanging onto their supernumeraries since they were six. Their official, supernumerary title struck Ezra as a decent starting point for a record, but when it came to hunting down the original inspiration, the toothy leftovers were nowhere to be found. “I don’t remember where I put them,” they shrug. “So that’s that.”

And so instead, they made Supernumeraries, a debut album which collects and explores some of the other things that Williams has shed since releasing their debut single ‘Thinking of You’ while still in their teens. The single came about by accident while mucking about on Apple’s production software GarageBand for the first time. “I played it for my mum, and she wanted to know how to listen to it,” Ezra says, “and so I put it on SoundCloud. It kind of picked up from there, so I just kept releasing things. That was it. And it kind of feels like the same thing even now – except, well, now everyone’s acting like my mum!”


  1. Skin
  2. Bleed
  3. Deep Routed
  4. Don’t Wake Me Up
  5. My Nose
  6. Beside Me
  7. I Miss You(r Face)
  8. My Friend
  9. Until I’m Home
  10. Babyteeth
  11. Just Not
  12. Seventeen
Photo credit: Colette Slater Barrass

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