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Photo credit: Frances Carter

Foley return with new single ‘Tongue’

Continuing to blaze their own trail as Aotearoa pop music enjoys well-deserved focus and attention from outside of the island, pop duo Foley add to the momentum with the release of new single, ‘TONGUE’.

Following on from the release of their Crowd Pleaser, Pt. 1 collection of songs, that include the likes of ‘Smooth It Over’, ‘Killing Me Babe’ and ‘Nothing’; as well as their most recent single, ‘On The Rocks’, this new cut from Foley demands your attention for the jump.

It then wastes no time in pulling the listener into its rich and textured realm of pop sounds, bolstered by the addictive vocals of Ash Wallace. Between Wallace and bandmate Gabe Everett, the multi-instrumentalists and songwriters are the perfect creative partners.

Described as a playful take on surface level relationships, ‘Tongue’ saw Foley team up with long-time collaborator Josh Fountain (BENEE, Ruel) to lay the track down during the recording of Crowd Pleaser – the band’s debut album, released in two halves.

The way ‘Tongue’ positions itself within the wider Foley team indicates that the second half of the Crowd Pleaser project is going to highlight the band’s versatility as genre-bucking songwriters, as well as their immersive, fun nature.

“‘Tongue’ is a playful take on surface level relationships – where we love the idea of someone but can’t trust them when it comes down to it,” the band say. “You can’t put your finger on what doesn’t feel right, and you get caught up in the allure of the unknown.”

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