You are currently viewing Georgia Lines releases infectious, hook-laden new single/video ‘Monopoly’

Georgia Lines releases infectious, hook-laden new single/video ‘Monopoly’

Georgia Lines, the award-winning artist from Aotearoa, has just released her first single for 2023, titled ‘Monopoly.’

‘Monopoly’ encapsulates the iconic vibe of 80s/90s pop; an infectious bass line, punchy drum hits and a captivating groove. In her signature style, Georgia has infused her latest track with impeccable harmonies and a soulful flair, showcasing her exceptional vocal range and control.

“Sonically the track fits into a world where Prince meets Haim, layered with MJ stacked vocals.” explains Georgia. “My favorite combination!”

The new single was written and recorded with Jussi Ilmari Karvinen (better known as Jussifer) – a Finnish-American producer, songwriter and musician who has worked with Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Ellie Goulding, Bebe Rexha and more.

Created on a recent writing trip to LA, the single explores a childhood experience of Georgia’s; one which translates to universal themes of life and loss. “I wrote ‘Monopoly’ about a vivid memory I have as a young child (around eight years old), camping in NZ and playing a game of Monopoly with my family,” says Georgia. “As it often happens in life… things were going really well; I was winning in the game, buying all my property, collecting my money… feeling really stoked with myself. All of a sudden things changed and I lost everything. I went on to have a full meltdown, not coping with the fact that I had lost. Safe to say, this was the last time I played Monopoly.

“When we first thought about making the ‘Monopoly’ video, we just wanted something simple and fun to match the energy of the song. We were first thinking of just a visualizer, but once we started filming, we got caught up in the excitement and ended up creating a full-blown music video. We loved how it turned out, with all the bright colours and dance party vibes, and it perfectly captures the fun-loving spirit of the track.”

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