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Photo credit: Evan Carter

FORAGER share new single ‘Fuji or a Trek’

FORAGER announces their debut album Pipedream Firewood and share new single ‘Fuji or a Trek’.

First, a spontaneous bike ride to Coney Island, then a chance encounter with your high school English teacher at a rave. These two events inspired the sentiment behind ‘Fuji or a Trek’: things that used to make you feel youthful suddenly seem to do the opposite. That theme is underscored by a dramatic musical gesture—halfway through the song the uptempo drum and bass beat swerves into a slow, heavy funk groove.

The song, morphed into its final form over a year’s worth of rehearsing and performing the song live. Even more than any of their past five singles, ‘Fuji or a Trek’ captures the core of FORAGER: high musicianship infused with kaleidoscopic pop energy.

‘Fuji or a Trek’ is written and performed by Shyamala (vocals), Jack Broza (guitars, keys, bass), and Colum Enrique (drums), was mixed by Jack Broza, and mastered by Jamie Lawrence. Pipedream Firewood is due August 18.

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