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Photo credit: Evan Carter

FORAGER share new single ‘Hello to the Kiddies’

Is it ever good to be a hater? FORAGER answers in a boisterous, singable anthem: maybe not, but you should try it sometime. ‘Hello to the Kiddies’ is an earworm that’s warped by the band’s characteristic off-kilter production choices, propulsive bass lines, and dreamy vocal styling. The chorus only hits once, but that’s all you’ll need to remember the hook.

The song’s narrator is sick of everything in the city—wraparound sunglasses, grindset culture, and indie boys in Carhartts—and unashamed to say it: “I’m not a people pleaser, I am pleased.” A dramatic build-up culminates in a playful choir (actually just the band’s siblings) singing la-la-la’s.

‘Hello to the Kiddies’ captures FORAGER’s knack for delivering high-energy musicianship while not taking themselves too seriously. This is the second single in anticipation of the band’s debut album, Pipedream Firewood, arriving August 18.

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