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Photo credit: Holly Whittaker

Francis Of Delirium shares new single ‘First Touch’

Francis of Delirium, AKA 22-year old Luxembourg based artist Jana Bahrich, has shared a beautiful new track ‘First Touch’. The track is produced by Catherine Marks (boygenius, Wolf Alice, The Killers) and released via Dalliance Recordings.

‘First Touch’ follows on from previous single ‘Real Love’, and gives us further insight into the new artistic era Francis of Delirium is stepping into. Having previously released 3 critically acclaimed EPs between 2020 and 2022, Jana is shifting her sound from angst filled alt-rock, to a more vulnerable and open sonic palette, embracing pop alongside rock to create Gen-Z Z anthems which celebrate the beautiful things of the world.

In ‘First Touch’ tumbling layers of acoustic guitar and drums create a bed for Jana’s forlorn but hopeful vocals. Soaring choruses reminisce about first encounters and first loves. Blending dream-pop, shoegaze and indie-rock, ‘First Touch’ captures a bittersweet moment that resonates universally.

Speaking on the track, Jana offers: “‘First Touch’ was a bit of a departure from our usual approach of writing with heavy electric guitar and drums. Instead, Chris and I decided to start experimenting with acoustic guitar and drums. During that time, I started listening to a lot of Sheryl Crow’s music, particularly her song ‘Soak Up the Sun,’ which became a source of inspiration for the song. I wanted ‘First Touch’ to have a kind of ‘sun-rock’ vibe. The core of ‘First Touch’ is about looking back at love with a sense of nostalgia and idealism. I wanted to capture the youthful feeling of being completely consumed by someone and believing everything would work out, even if that is naive. But, I also wanted to emphasize the beauty of that sentiment, the hope and trust that come with really believing in the authenticity of love.”

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