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Photo credit: Holly Whitaker

Francis Of Delirium shares new single ‘Give It Back To Me’

Francis of Delirium has shared a new single ‘Give It Back to Me’, the latest track taken from upcoming debut album Lighthouse, releasing Marc h 22 via Dalliance Recordings.

‘Give It Back to Me’ is a ready-made Gen-Z anthem. Uplifting and cathartic, the track is expansive in both scope and sound. The exploration of a new, more open and optimistic tone from Francis of Delirium is fully showcased on ‘Give It Back to Me’, as layers of spacious guitars float on powerful, reverberant drums. Jana’s heartfelt vocal performance deals with themes of community, solidarity and times of both needing and offering support. Speaking on the new single, Jana offers:

“‘Give It Back to Me’ was a touchstone for me throughout the album’s writing process. The song’s hopefulness and themes of friendship felt pivotal to the album, and after it was written it felt like all the other songs started to make more sense in relation to each other. ‘Give It Back to Me’ revolves around the idea of fostering a community where people support each other whenever possible. When your chips are down you can ask for help and when your chips are up, you can be that pillar of strength for someone else.”

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