You are currently viewing Freya Beer and Tom Saint portray star-crossed lovers in the alt-pop single ‘Honeymoon Eyes’

Freya Beer and Tom Saint portray star-crossed lovers in the alt-pop single ‘Honeymoon Eyes’

‘Honeymoon Eyes’ is the sensational electro-pop single from London-based artist Freya Beer in collaboration with fellow future indie icon Tom Saint.

The ticking alternative-pop single conveys the highlights and undertones of a relationship which already has an ‘expiry date’ and which both individuals involved are well aware of. These doomed paramours are convincingly portrayed by the duo’s complementary and impassioned pop voices and which Freya likens to an inevitable end, “full speed, we’re about to crash”. Sonically, the track embodies a euphoric and dreamy essence that takes Freya Beer’s “glam goth noir” to a new ether. This transformative process was aided by the in-studio chemistry between the artist and impressive performer Tom Saint.

Speaking about this new phase of her sound, Freya Beers shares: “My new single ‘Honeymoon Eyes’ featuring Tom Saint is the perfect introduction to my next musical journey which I like to call my ‘Gothic-Disco’. The song embodies a dreamy essence but still pays homage to my “gothic-noir” which I’ve carried in my music from the beginning. The subject of the song is about being with an individual which feels too good to be true and plays a part in forbidden love.”

Anyone who has listened to Freya Beer’s previous works, such as the high-drama single ‘Love Child’, will be well aware of her sultry and cinematic sound with its roots in rock. However, with this new collaboration, the British singer and songwriter displays the dynamism of her talents with this captivating foray into a beat and synth driven pop soundscape. ‘Honeymoon Eyes’ was produced by Freya Beer and Tom Saint with Peter Hobbs.


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