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Freya Beer unveils AA-side release: ‘Fantasy’ / ‘Galore’

Goth-pop priestess Freya Beer is back with an invigorating AA-side release: ‘Fantasy’ / ‘Galore’.

Her first new music of 2023, the ‘Fantasy’ / ‘Galore’ AA-side single arrives as Freya begins to etch out the successor to her acclaimed debut album Beast. Toying with that which tempts us in both lucid fantasies and shadowy realities, these two bold, dark and exhilarating new tracks find Freya Beer delving into what drives our deepest desires and showcasing two very different sides of her artistic abilities.

“You stretched your pegs out wide, slightly confused my appetite” teases Freya on ‘Fantasy’ as she opens up the floor to a track of rapacious sexually-charged spills and raw garage rock thrills. Told through tactile, tantalising prose and prowling proto-punk riffs, this latest cut finds Freya celebrating the uncensored version of ourselves we become in our wildest daydreams. As Freya elaborates:

“’Fantasy’ is an unfiltered exploration of self-discovery and expressing your thoughts in a fictional world. I wanted to write a song that emotes raw emotion and tells the listener to embrace their feelings in a positive way.”

On the flipside, ‘Galore’ is an altogether more salacious affair that explores what can happen when those fictional pursuits and carnal desires boil over into real world infatuations with uncertain consequences. As Freya explains:

“’Galore’ is about people who are infatuated with something, almost bordering on ‘obsession’. The line “I’m your galore, you don’t want anyone else babe” depicts how this obsession is becoming a feeling of escapism and creating a fictional storyline for themselves.”

A goth-rock ballad spun through webs of swaggering feedback-scarred guitars, brooding synthesiser blossomings, and devilish vocal acrobatics destined to leave you breathless, ‘Galore’ will have fans new and old simply yearning for more.

Directed by acclaimed videographer Paul Gallagher, the new music is accompanied by a one-take film shot in London, bringing Freya’s artistic vision for these tracks into vivid focus.

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