You are currently viewing fussy drops satirical debut single ‘cute kawaii’

fussy drops satirical debut single ‘cute kawaii’

fussy unveils her hyperpop-inspired debut single ‘cute kawaii’ – an edgy, impassioned track about the over-fetishization of Asian culture in Western media. As a first-generation Filipino/Latina, fussy offers a rare perspective that tackles exoticism and cultural appropriation – an important message appropriately complimented by the track’s infectiously off-kilter presentation.

With co-production from fussy and Greg Hvnsen and mastering from Daniel Goudie, ‘cute kawaii’ is filled to the brim with distorted, trunk-rattling 808s that underlie the track’s industrial sound design. Compounding its off-beat production with fussy’s wispy, harrowing vocal delivery, ‘cute kawaii’ delivers a masterclass in experimental pop songwriting.

“I had so much fun writing this song, says fussy. “It was written during the pandemic and came from a series of sessions that were so precious to me, as they allowed me to escape the harsh realities of my life at the time. I was grieving the loss of my little brother, and the weight of that experience was so heavy on my heart that it sometimes felt like I was drowning. Those sessions, and ‘cute kawaii’ in particular, provided me space to breathe, think about other things in the world, and take a break from the intensity of my loss. I’m still healing, but music has been a huge part of that journey so far. I think this is the perfect song to debut with, and I hope you enjoy it and the rest to come.”

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