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fussy unveils bold hyperpop banger ‘skin graft’

Experimental electronic-pop singer-songwriter fussy isn’t afraid to be bold. Since launching her solo project in May, fussy has put a spotlight on her own electrifying artistic brand. With an aesthetic defined by unpredictable, left-of-center pop experimentation and vibrant, fashion-forward visual styles, fussy has come out from beneath the shadows of her peers to showcase her holistic, singular creative vision.

Today, fussy releases ‘skin graft’ via Create Music Group – an explosive, playful banger that sees the artist exploring new and exciting vocal deliveries. With co-production by fussy and Greg Hvnsen, the track is filled to the brim with glitchy drums, harrowing sound design, and a towering, unforgettable vocal performance – a true masterclass in bombastic hyperpop stylization.

‘skin graft’ kicks off with eerie sound effects before bringing in the track’s pounding beat and fussy’s sing-talk style. The song then drops into its central section replete with fussy’s newly-minted, shouting vocal delivery over a crunchy, earth-shattering trap beat. Evoking the pain of scraping yourself after falling down, ‘skin graft’ is appropriately menacing with its twisted production and distorted presentation.

“Sonically, I had so much fun experimenting with my vocals on this one,” says fussy. “I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried different ways to use my voice in lieu of traditional singing. Visually, I got to work with one of my favorite artists for this song, Gerardo Garcia. I am such a visual person and his art complements the sound perfectly. The grittiness of the facial expressions and the detail he put into capturing the song’s emotion is inspiring.”

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