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Photo credit: Nick Pope

Gali Givon delivers her pounding new single ‘Better’

Following on from her explosive initial singles ‘Show Me Love’, ‘Scared’, and ‘Lolita’ earlier this year, fast-rising Israeli artist Gali Givon is back to unleash her powerful new offering ‘Better’.

Channelling another bold and heavy dose of raw guitar-driven alt-pop, ‘Better’ sees her deliver a more personal entry within her growing catalogue. Inspired by her quest for self-improvement and empowerment, she harnesses a fresh and vibrant aesthetic to unveil one of her most compelling and intimate cuts to date.

Speaking about her latest release, she said, “‘Better’ was written about a time when I had no compass guiding me. It took a few moments, and a few scars, but I snapped myself out of that place. Now I know what’s best for me, I know what I need, better than anyone!”


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