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Gemma Rogers warns us to ‘STOP’ and look up from our phones

Amidst the social media frenzied obsessive madness we find ourselves in, Gemma Rogers is creating a place of refuge. She values human connection above all else and is on a quest to inspire a good time during our short lives on earth with her poignant lyrics and uniquely crafted indie pop punk sound.

Having signed with Tiny Global Productions, Gemma’s debut studio album No Place Like Home is due for release this summer and leading the charge is new single ‘STOP’. The track comes as a powerful reminder to look up from our phone and experience a world of experience that an electronic device could never match the magic of. A collaboration with Alfie Jackson and Sean Genockey, ‘STOP’ speaks to the invasive and personal nature of social media with a call to pause, look around and explore the possibilities of the tangible world at our feet. From the minimalist motorik riff that propels the tune, to the unexpected summer smash allure of the chorus and the surprise middle eight which justifiably, it’s as infectious as it is thought-provoking.

Gemma explains: “Switching off and returning to those delicate real time lovely spaces without technology clouding our vision is really important. I crave those spaces where it can just be you and those you’ve chosen to spend time with without any of the other noise. I met Alfie Jackson at a gig we were both playing at the old queens head in angel. We watched each other’s sets, went for cider and chips and that was that really. We teamed up with Sean Genockey and wrote ‘STOP’ in a day.”


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