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Sophie Kilburn releases emotionally intelligent new single ‘20%’

Rising artist Sophie Kilburn today releases her new track, the self-worth boosting anthem ‘20%’. With heart-pounding drums, classic rock guitars, and a bassline that bites hard, ‘20%’ is a track for the emotionally wounded.

Driven by Sophie’s unapologetically fiery vocals and tongue in cheek lyricism, this highly addictive track calls out hard truths, inspiring and urging her listeners to feel empowered to stand up for themselves. Whether it’s jumping on your bed, singing into a hairbrush or blasting out at a house party with your mates, ‘20%’ is the perfect track to shake out the frustration of the modern world. A proper, grown-up fuck you for the masses.

As Sophie explains: “’20%’ is about reaching the peak of your frustration and fighting for what you want. On the surface, it seems like a Charlotte from Sex in the City ‘curse the day you were born’ vibe but it’s calling out someone who is mistreating you and breaking free from being their emotional sponge and soaking up all their issues.

“I can see some people listening to the song and thinking ‘ohhh that was cold she must be bitter it ended’, which is not the case at all. In fact, it’s that misconception that drove me to write the song. I wrote 20% with my good friend and fellow songwriter Nina Sundstrom over Zoom. It was out of the frustration of dating someone who would be intermediate in the affection and time they gave me and once responded to me addressing it by saying ‘well, I love at 20%’. I feel we can all relate to someone who refuses to address or acknowledge their behaviour and so I wanted to bring power back to people who feel broken down by others. I hope people listen to the song and realise there is nothing wrong with living and loving to the max, anything less would frankly suck!”


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