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georgia, georgia shares debut single ‘Lies’

Giorgia Piva, aka georgia, georgia, is a singer-songwriter born in Verona, Italy in 1999 – under the sign of Scorpio. Passionate about music since childhood, as a self-taught artist she’s understood growing up that writing represents the most powerful means to tell her experiences and translate emotions into something liberating.

The moniker ‘georgia, georgia’ is a clear homage to Phoebe Bridgers, a fundamental artist for Giorgia. She also draws inspiration from international sounds, along with other names of the new indie/alternative scene, such as boygenius, Clairo, The 1975 but also from The Strokes and early Fleetwood Mac.

‘Lies’ is her debut single and is out now. Speaking about it, she explained: “’Lies’ is a song of provocation, a sort of revenge for all the times I felt misunderstood, portrayed as someone I am not. I embraced that spark of anger growing within me and decided to don the guise of the enchantress – an elusive, stoic, inscrutable girl, capable of hypnotizing you with a glance and breaking your heart. I made her mine and spoke for her, as her. This song is my, her, our retaliation.”

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