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Photo credit: Silken Weinberg

Georgia Gets By shares debut single/video ‘Easier To Run’

Georgia Nott is known for her work in BROODS, the electronic pop project she started with her brother over a decade ago that has since grown into a global phenomenon. While BROODS remains an important feature of Nott’s life, she’s been quietly working on a solo project under the moniker Georgia Gets By for years, and is now ready to share it with the world. Shimmering guitar-driven anthems sit alongside pensive folk songs that feature her most personal material to date.

“After years working collaboratively as BROODS, I wanted to start a project that could be wholly about my experiences,” she says. Georgia Gets By offers us a deepened sense of Nott’s inner world, as she sings about past turmoil and the hard-fought personal growth that led to this transformative moment.

Today, she introduces Georgia Gets By with a Silken Weinberg-directed video for her explosive debut single ‘Easier To Run’ via Luminelle Recordings. “‘Easier to Run’ is a song for all the avoidant lovers who would sooner evaporate than commit,” Georgia explains. “It’s about the emotional whiplash of a breakup. The push and pull of love and fear. It dreams of closure and the courage to be honest.”

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