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Photo credit: Silken Weinberg

Georgia Gets By announces debut EP and shares new single ‘Happiness Is An 8 Ball’

Georgia Nott, best known for her work in the wildly popular electronic pop band BROODS, announces her debut EP as Georgia Gets By, which showcases a sonic shift and contains Nott’s most personal material to date. “After years working collaboratively as BROODS, I wanted to start a project that could be wholly about my experiences,” Georgia says. Fish Bird Baby Boy, due October 6 on Luminelle Recordings, offers us a deepened sense of Nott’s inner world, as she sings about past turmoil and the hard-fought personal growth that led to this transformative moment.

Of the EP’s soaring new single ‘Happiness Is An 8 Ball,’ which arrives today with a video directed by Silken Weinberg (Ethel Cain, Skullcrusher), Georgia says “This song is about using unhealthy coping mechanisms in a desperate attempt to make things work with someone. When love doesn’t bind you anymore and only the pressure to live up to the expectations of a relationship keep you together, you begin to find yourself turning to other means to find the energy to be with them.”

The song’s bass-driven, heavy production choices counteract Nott’s crystalline voice, so clear and composed against the surrounding chaos as she sings of a deteriorating relationship. “I don’t think it’s love/ I don’t think it’s fate,” the chorus goes, as the drums crash and a spry electric guitar motif offers a glimmer of hope amidst desperation.

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