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Georgie Winchester releases new song ‘Follow The Sound’

Rising indie artist Georgie Winchester releases her magical new single and title track ‘Follow The Sound’, warming the world up for her debut album, out May 10.

‘Follow The Sound’ is an uplifting alternative track that is captured through her all-encompassing, rich sound and style. With a combination of powerful, dreamy vocals and generous piano chords, listeners are taken with Georgie on her journey of self discovery.

The single follows her career as a musician and how advice from a stranger gave Georgie the push she needed to leave home and follow the music to wherever it may lead. She explains, “‘Follow The Sound’ is about me following my musical journey or ‘destiny’ to the best of my ability – it’s now or never.”

Not only did Georgie write ‘Follow The Sound’, she also earned a diploma in audio-engineering from SAE Sydney, allowing her to record the track in her own bedroom. She continues: “I recorded the song in my bedroom after updating all my recording gear. I have an audio-engineering diploma from SAE Sydney which has given me so much knowledge on using the gear and programs properly. This is best for me as I can take my time and make sure the tracks come out exactly how I want them.”

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