You are currently viewing Gia Ford unveils new alt-pop track ‘Car Crash For Two’

Gia Ford unveils new alt-pop track ‘Car Crash For Two’

Gia Ford releases her new single ‘A Car Crash For Two’ today. The Sheffield born singer’s hypnotic vocals, celestial synths, and striking American pop-culture-inspired aesthetic sees her sound develop from her first two EP’s, POSTER BOY, and Murder In The Dark.

An unflinching allegory for destructive relationships that have had their brakes cut, Gia’s voice invokes a haunting, introspective sound awash with waves of dream-pop reverb that leads the subtle guitar-based backing down a long and emotionally charged road.

“It’s a song about toxic love – about how sometimes people get used to their car crash romances, so much so that it becomes normal and romanticised -even masochistic – to the point that they descend together into this alternate world.” Says Molly McCormick, assuming the moniker of Gia Ford. “It’s interesting to me how fine the lines are between pain, pleasure, love and hate – and maybe it’s because they cannot exist without the threat of one another. Sonically I’m entering a totally new era – for the first time I feel I’ve arrived at a sound that truly represents me; that’s genuine reflection of all my life influences – I’m excited, I can start all over again.”


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