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Photo credit: Mikaela Grogan

Giift releases debut EP Archives; listen to new track ‘Me Time’

Giift is is carving out her own laid-back sound of R&B and neo-soul with the release of her debut EP, Archives.

Writing her debut EP began along with Giift progressing and developing as a producer but long before she even knew where she was headed on her musical journey – that’s why it’s entitled, Archives.“These five songs represent everything that I’ve experienced over the last few years. There’s a personal storybehind every lyric, top to bottom, and so, it was natural for me to list them in order of when I experienced what and in the order of the emotions I was going through. Archives is about falling in love, falling out of love, loving yourself and everything in between,” Giift says.

New track ‘Me Time’ is the songwriter telling a story about how she needed to “cut some people off” to solely find comfort. Giift often draws her songs too as she likes the idea of “sounding out a picture”, she says.

“Music is a very impulsive thing to me. It happens in bits and pieces – as quick melodies or guitar parts and sounds recorded on my phone–and the actual song comes alive mostly during night time till early in the morning,” Giift tells. She continues: “I always knew, I wanted to make music. But I couldn’t set it free until I knew exactly what it should mean to me and what stories it should tell. This is my first chapter.”

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