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Photo credit: Kate O'Sullivan

Menajerie gets intimate in their new single ‘Melt’

Meanjin-based, female-led powerhouse Menajerie sways and sighs to the sensual sounds of their new single ‘Melt’, out today. This neo-soul slow jam is sweet like honey and just as flavourful.

Bringing their iconic sultry charm, the three frontwomen use their bewitching skills to ensnare music to their will. Together, they brew up truly irresistible melodies, as they are backed up by tantalizing rhythms and tones from the band.

Forging something raw and seductive, ‘Melt’ is a brazen and impassioned love song, that typifies that fluttering heartbeat, those butterflies in the stomach, and the thirst for someone’s powerful intimacy. Set against the alluring backdrop of a neo-soul groove, the romantic lyrics combine with funky wah guitar, soaring synths and slinky rhythms.

This song reflects the blooming warmth of an early romance, hinting at the uncertainty of what’s to come, while still remaining passionate, sweet and optimistic. Gracie Mack says: “’Melt’ is about that kind of love that turns your insides to liquid gold. I wrote the song in the early stages of a romance that felt really healing and special. ‘Melt’ kinda feels to me like a mushy love song parading as a neo-soul groover. It’s enchanting, joyous and a bit sexy”.

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