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Grrrl Gang release new single & video ‘Rude Awakening’

Indonesian trio Grrrl Gang recently announced the arrival of their full-length debut album, Spunky!, to be released on September 22 by Green Island Music in partnership with exclusive licensees Kill Rock Stars (in North, Central, and South America), Trapped Animal Records (Europe), and Big Romantic Records (in Japan and Taiwan). Now, they share their second single and music video for album track ‘Rude Awakening’.

Written by Edo Alventa and Angeeta Sentana, the song revolves around Sentana’s deep longing for someone to truly listen to her, yet she finds herself trapped in a world where no one really cares. “I just hate feeling left behind, you know? And I hate it when I’m desperate for a listening ear, people just don’t care. But, on the flip side, I guess, I just didn’t realize that maybe my friends were just fed up with my sh*t. Maybe they’ve tried their best to handle me and be there for me, but I just took that for granted. So, this song is basically my point of view at that time, of thinking that no one cared about me—when, probably, they actually did.”

Directed by Bathroom Girls, as part of a continuous movie, with ‘Rude Awakening’ being the first chapter. Amidst a bustling house party, an introverted girl seeks validation among her peers. Left alone in a sea of people, her attempts to mingle falter, and overwhelm takes hold. Seeking respite in the bathroom, she reflects on the true nature of validation and embraces her inner strength.

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