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HAVVK release new single ‘Daylight Robbery’

Alt-rock outfit HAVVK return with riotous new single ‘Daylight Robbery’, out now.

Known for their formable lives shows and tackling topics such as bodily autonomy, gender expression, and mental health, itʼs been clear from the outset that HAVVK are an act who are unafraid to combine hard-hitting hooks with an equally hard-hitting message. ‘Daylight Robbery’ is a song about the safe spaces we create for ourselves, and the exhaustion of feeling scrutinised outside of these boundaries.

Lead singer Julie Hough elaborates, “To us, community is so central to self-expression, but we’re living in a reality where communities and culture are becoming out priced and fragmented, and where people’s identities and bodies are becoming more politicised and up for debate. There is something sacred about having four walls or even an online space in which you feel like home – where you feel like yourself”. ‘Daylight Robbery’ is about the stress and anxiety of seeing these spaces invaded, even spaces that you call your own, and even the temptation to retreat into yourself or to tone yourself down in response.

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