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Liv Slingerland announces debut solo album; shares title track/video ‘Hey You’

Notable guitarist/singer-songwriter Liv Slingerland announces her solo debut album, Hey You, out August 5. It’s only fitting that the record has found a home at the “woman-informed, queer-happy” Righteous Babe Records, the label founded by fellow guitar slinger Ani DiFranco, and that Hey You is coming out while Slingerland is on tour playing guitar for fellow queer pop artist Halsey.

On the forthcoming release, Slingerland shares: “While I’ve been working on these songs for years, I hadn’t truly given my own music a full push before; I felt that this was the best way to channel my grief while honoring what my dad had sacrificed in his life to support my pursuit of a career in music. Since my goal had always been to be a front person, I knew that this was the time to refocus — the time to make something happen.”

With the album announcement, Slingerland shares title track ‘Hey You’ accompanied by a psychedelic animated music video. ‘Hey You’ is a bouncy yet bitter breakup song written from the perspective of someone whose ex still has a hold over their thoughts and well-being. In the first verse, Liv sings “Hey you, I hope you’re loving all the little bits of my mind, keeping you company instead of keeping me sane,” essentially communicating – I hope you’re taking good care of these thoughts because I’m sure not. Throughout the song the lyrics convey an element of hoping that said ex treats their new partner with the same sense of rejection, not yet ready to give up on a relationship that’s already over.

Hey You:

  1. Album Intro (It Might Be Time)
  2. Hey You
  3. Bad Dreams
  4. Running Away From the Party
  5. Clever
  6. An Entire Lifetime
  7. God Forbid
  8. Shouldn’t Bother
  9. Temporary Letdown
  10. Come Back to Me

Photo credit: Emma Cole

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