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Hera Lind shares brand new single ‘someday’

Emerging Icelandic musical talent Hera Lind returns with her beautiful new single ‘someday’, which puts her love and fondness for someone special out into the universe.

Speaking on the sentimentality of the track, Hera shares: “When writing this song I couldn’t stop smiling, it made me feel as if I were in love for the very first time. This song was hard for me to release; not only is it vulnerable, but it’s my official coming out.”

In essence, ‘someday’ is about the loving, caring nature of a partnership that Hera looks forward to someday sharing with someone special. As an artist whose lyrical inspiration consistently stems from a place of vulnerability and somewhere close to the heart, this new track is no different, as she embraces her vulnerable side and opens up about her identity and sexuality in a subtle yet artful way.

Hera’s heavenly vocals and heartfelt lyricism make for a delightful listening experience that draws you in and whisks you away to a place of serenity.

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