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Photo credit: Luca Crawford-Bailey

Hinako Omori shares new single ‘in full bloom’

Following the release of her highly acclaimed debut album, a journey…, last year on Houndstooth, London-based artist Hinako Omori marks the start of a new chapter with a new single, entitled ‘in full bloom’.

‘in full bloom’ is an enchanting track where Hinako’s ethereal vocal melodies weave a shimmering web across organic, kaleidoscopic synth-lines.

“Focusing the beams on the allotment / where I tend to my inner garden / may you grow” Omori sings, presenting an introspective song about the need to take care of oneself. “‘in full bloom’ is a song of reflection” she comments; “of remembering to love and have compassion towards ourselves.

“On ‘in full bloom’ I used the piano at Abbey Road – Pitchfork very kindly arranged a session there before the Pitchfork London festival last year, and we were able to use the day to work on something – I took in a demo that I’d been making at home and we recorded vocals, piano and additional synths. It was such a great opportunity to be able to finish the track there”.

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