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Photo credit: Oliwia Szafran

His Father’s Voice release epic new single ‘Arm’s Length’

Limerick’s post-punk/ indie band His Father’s Voice deliver a brooding yet purposeful sound with soaring pop melodies, muscular rhythms, and immersive guitars. The live show tugs at a heavy atmosphere that looms around lead singer Ash O’Connor and lead guitarist James Reidy, intensified by Laya Meabhdh Kenny and Cian McGuirk who contain and release a moody rhythm section.

Building upon debut EP Context and Perspective and single ‘In the Shade’, new single ‘Arm’s Length’ showcases a pummeling approach to lust, that physically crushes its joyful beginnings – influenced by The Cure, Alvvays, New Order and Interpol.

Drawing from the pop laden riffs of new-wave, ‘Arm’s Length’ is joyfully wary of lust, yet still disarmed by its physical crush. The song began life in Ash’s sitting room after picking up an old Squier Mustang for the first time. This guitar led to a heavy Alvvays influence heard throughout the track. When brought to the band they added a resilient yet danceable edge to the song, playing off the physical crush of lust in its lyrics. The sound is rounded off by new-wave inspired lead guitar and synth riffs that are dream-like, yet demand attention.

Here’s a quote on the song from Ash: “I’ve always wanted to try my hand at capturing what lust sounds like lyrically. To me it’s claustrophobic and crushing, yet somehow, at the same time it’s utterly exciting and euphoric. This song has a go at exploring those contradictions – it’s dreamy yet catchy, it’s hesitant yet can’t help but urgently keep driving forward. The guitars and rhythm section create a pummeling ending giving it a sense of release while still clinging onto an overarching frustration.”

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