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Hey Team unveil their new single ‘O.K. Sis’

Today, Nijmegen’s indie punk rockers Hey Team release their new single ‘O.K. Sis’.

“This song is about a friend that you loved but just cannot be near,” the band say. “They always get into trouble, always cause drama/fights, make a bunch of empty promises and get you to do a bunch of intense stuff for them without getting anything in return. When I was younger, I was very susceptible to this kind of person due to personal insecurities. Fortunately I’ve grown and learned a lot and such people are no longer part of my circle. When I look back on that time I think of an insecure teenager complaining but not being able to speak out, and also this type of friend-trouble feels almost frivolous/ridiculous compared to stuff you handle as an adult. The upbeat spunkiness and the almost wineyness of the lyrics sort of reflect that.”

Through punchy, energetic songs Hey Team captures today’s somewhat bittersweet worldview. The combined talents of this diverse bunch from Nijmegen culminate in captivating and slightly abrasive songs that describe both a personal and collective frame of mind. Swinging effortlessly between anthemic alt-rock choruses and atmospheric transitions, Hey Team’s highly danceable tunes celebrate life’s highs and lows.


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