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Hyaenas release new single ‘It’s Not Up To Me’

Embodying the energy and ferocity of the animal they are named after, Hyaenas are breaking onto the Canadian music scene. With fun, catchy hooks, their songs are written through a queer feminist lens; exploring meaningful themes from acceptance to vigilance, celebrating a love of nature, witchcraft, and social justice while drawing inspiration from 80’s icons The Go-Go’s to modern day Indie darlings, Warpaint.

Today, BC’s Hyaenas release their new single ‘It’s Not Up To Me’ -an 80’s inspired synth rock track that will leave listeners rage dancing for days. To celebrate their newtune, they’ll be hitting the road on a Western Canadian tour, with stops in British Columbia and Alberta.

Produced by Jesse Gander (The Pack A.D./Japandroids), and recorded at Vancouver’s Rain City Records – ‘It’s Not Up To Me’ is a tune that packs a punch. Drawing on inspiration from some of the 80’s greatest bands, it examines anger, and how it can be a motivator and a signal of when boundaries have been crossed. “The song alludes to the fight, flight, or freeze stress response and that serving up anger can be warranted (especially when it’s towards a toxic manipulator who is the subject of this track),” says the band. “The choruses support the cathartic healing that anger brings, and the bridge encourages the release of letting it go.”


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