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Ella Therese shows age is just a number with new single ‘THIRTYFOUR’

Calling out the emphasis on youth and the perpetuating ideal that there is a ‘limited time’ to achieve success, new song ‘THIRTYFOUR’ by WA artist Ella Therese serves as an unapologetic celebration of breaking down barriers to fulfil your dreams, and one that she hopes will encourage conversation about shared experiences.

This is a soulful and arresting mantra that gets straight to the core of its message with plenty of heart and a catchy hook. ‘THIRTYFOUR’ sees Ella embracing her power, and demonstrating that we can resist and liberate ourselves from the shackles of expectation by calling out the bullsh*t, and doing what we want with confidence. The song also universally speaks to demanding more, maintaining high standards, and chasing your ambitions – regardless of the limitations society may try to place on us. Driven by a strong beat and an understated soft alt-rock sound, Ella’s voice and the message it delivers are given full reign to be heard loud and clear – as they deserve to be.

Written in response to the initial feeling of being ‘too old’ to start her music career, particularly as a female artist, ‘THIRTYFOUR’ is poised to spark conversations with its audience. Ella elaborates on the track: “It’s never too late. Never too late to do exactly what sets your soul on fire. Age doesn’t dictate what happens next. I’ve just turned thirty-four years old and I used to be worried about starting music later in life, but I’ve learnt to embrace my unique perspective on the world. ‘THIRTYFOUR’ is about feeling empowered, limitless and perfectly happy with your age, and embracing the distinct qualities you have to offer the world. I expect more from the world, more from myself, and I’m celebrating that quality in ‘THIRTYFOUR’. I’m not going to settle for anything less than absolutely everything I could possibly aim for.”


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