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Photo credit: Brandina Chisambo

iamkyami releases new single ‘Count For Something / Be Like Me’

Manchester based Blasian-American artist iamkyami releases new track ‘Count For Something / Be Like Me’ – the final taster of new EP The Kenny Klubhouse out this Friday, April 29 via Heist or Hit (Her’s, Pizzagirl, Eades).

Making an early case to be the breakout pop act in 2022, iamkyami (born Kyla Ami Mitsui Russell) is a slick-talking, perceptive narrator exploring notions of identity, uniqueness and self. Unpacking and exploding the rich opulence of pop tropes, Ky’s signature sound lies in the stillness of the aftermath; raw, honest and executed with ninja-like emotional literacy.

Speaking on the release of new track ‘Count For Something / Be Like Me’, Ky said: “Finding my authenticity through music has been an up and down journey. I went back and fourth with myself about what type of music I should make since I started producing myself in 2019. ‘Count for Something / Be Like Me’ is the first track where I’ve really expressed my taste for fun, upbeat and expressive music. I’m not a very serious person and I wanted to show that aspect of my personality through this song. I incorporated the flip at the end to signify this energy of fun babe to bad bitch; which are really my main two moods.”

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