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Photo credit: Charles Mignot

Inger Nordvik reveals new single ‘Secret’

Having released her debut album Time almost exactly a month before the world went into pandemic lockdown for two years, Inger Nordvik is looking to make up for those lost days with the release of her second album Hibernation. The first single to to be taken from it is called ‘Secret’, and it’s out today.

‘Secret’ leans into the folkier side of Inger’s music with an insistent primitive guitar riff introducing the track, followed by jazzy drums and then drops of her piano playing alongside gently floating vocals. It’s all topped off by a beautifully sweeping string arrangement. It balances a feeling of being hunted (the opening riffs) with a sense of freedom towards the conclusion (the strings).

“‘Secret’ was written after sadly witnessing someone I know being a victim of power abuse,” explains Inger. “It was in the aftermath of the whole #metoo movement with so many stories that just highlighted a major structural problem…and now one more story. I wrote it as a reaction to it all. It’s an encouragement to get out and regain control, but also wanting to state a shift in power.”


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