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Photo credit: Ryan Downey

Emily Lubitz releases captivating and hopeful new single ‘Begin Again’

Indie icon Emily Lubitz returns with her retro-tinged folk with the second single lifted from her forthcoming debut solo EP Begin Again.

Another taste of Lubitz’ beautifully crafted storytelling written in the midst of the pandemic, the title track of the EP Begin Again sees Lubitz drawing beauty from the mundane, by sifting colour through the collective dullness and setting the scene for what’s to come on the rest of Emily’s EP to be released on November 4, followed by an eight date tour.

As captivating as it is humanising, ‘Begin Again’ is a tale of the unexpected experience we all shared over the past two years, when the world was suddenly ground to a halt. “Everyone has to write at least one pandemic song. This is mine. Everything changed for a while and we had to look at ourselves differently. Our lives, our choices, the things we had done and the things we might never get to do. We had a chance to begin again. For me the pandemic was preceded by a hiatus I took to have my third child, so my entire career had to be rebuilt in many ways. Here I am, just one of the billions, beginning again” explains Lubitz.

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