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Photo credit: Cara Kealy

Izzy S.O shares anthemic new single ‘Homesick’

Izzy S.O shares her outstanding new single ‘Homesick’ ahead of her new EP, due for release on August 9.

Getting to grips with change can be notoriously challenging. ‘Homesick’ is your reminder to look forward and trust yourself. Slick nostalgic guitars met with Izzy S.O’s gorgeous vocals make ‘Homesick’ an endlessly playable and empowering next move.

Sharing more behind the track, Izzy explained: “‘Homesick’ is about that free falling feeling when you’re no longer tied to the things that made you feel safe. It’s an observation of the fear whilst fully knowing you’re in the right place and that these changes are good.

“‘Homesick’ was written at the start of last year when I was going through some big life changes. It was a really scary time but there was also this undercurrent of excitement about this unknown future. Listening back to it today makes me feel proud of where I am now . It makes me want to give my younger self a hug to remind her that she’s strong enough to do all the things.”

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