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Photo credit: Cara Kealy

Izzy S.O shares pop-punk inspired banger ‘Crisis’

Today Izzy S.O returns with exquisite guitar track ‘Crisis’. Punchy and anthemic, ‘Crisis’ is your reminder to never settle. Taking shape as a euphoric guitar banger, Izzy’s latest cut is full of energy and self empowerment. Written as she healed from a challenging relationship, ‘Crisis’ represents moving on and being single never sounded so good!

Izzy explaines more: “I wanted to write an anthem that was laced with the real emotion and aftermath of a confusing chaotic breakup but how that can leave you feeling so strong and invincible and excited about the prospect of what life looks like when you come out the other side. It’s funny because when I wrote it I reckon I wasn’t fully there yet but now that I’m releasing it I really do feel like I’m in that space.

“I want listeners to know how exciting life can be when you let go of the things you cling to. Even though the world is shifting slightly there is still this unspoken narrative that a lot of us feel we need to live up to and unfortunately in many people’s eyes still, success is equivalent to whether you have a house, a husband and a child. I’m daring you not to just settle or conform if a relationship isn’t right.”

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