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Jack River releases new single ‘Honey’

Jack River (aka Holly Rankin) releases new single ‘Honey’ – the latest from her highly anticipated sophomore album Endless Summer – due out June 16 via Nettwerk Records.

‘Honey’ sits as part of a central suite of songs that make up Endless Summer, a fantastical utopian world entangled in tumultuous Sixties-esque production. Drawing you in with the twang of electric of guitar, ‘Honey’ is akin to the first kiss of the summer sun, a smooth and embracing melody carrying a powerful undertone.

‘Honey’ was written by Jack River with Matt Corby and Jarryd James, the first time she met Corby at his studio Rainbow Valley. “At the time I was thinking a lot about the idea of detachment from emotion, wondering about the lines between detachment, attachment and accountability, especially when it comes to relationships. When someone wants to detach from reality and emotion, what are the consequences in their relationship? The western obsession with meditation and mindfulness fascinates me, especially as a songwriter who relies on emotion.”

To what point is it okay to let go of reality and the people you love, to attain “complete detachment;” is one-ness a state of detachment, or of complete attachment to everything? A question River ponders as she laments…“You think you’re so free you can forget about me.”

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