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Photo credit: Taylor Ann Bogner

Jess Nolan shares new single ‘Emergency Landing’

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jess Nolan has released a new single ‘Emergency Landing’.

Written with friends Hadley Kennary and Jake Finch, the three were conversing about society glamorizing the grind and not prioritizing rest. “It’s up to us as individuals to draw our own boundaries around what we need to recharge,” Nolan says. “Taking days off and spending time alone helps me show up more fully for the people around me. Instead of viewing it as selfish, I now see it as a sacred step in community care. My hope is that we can all give ourselves a high level of compassion for our own needs so that we can better serve others,” she added. “Take a breath! We don’t need permission to care for ourselves.”

‘Emergency Landing’ is Nolan’s first release since signing with Righteous Babe Records; the label was founded by fiercely independent icon Ani DiFranco, who describes it as “a people-friendly, sub-corporate, woman-informed, queer-happy small business that puts music before rock stardom and ideology before profit.” “I love Jess’s voice, her melodies, they lift me,” DiFranco says. “So happy to welcome her into the RBR family.”

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