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Photo credit: Darius Fitzgerald

Jess Nolan shares new sultry song & video ‘Sweet Like A Peach’

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jess Nolan has released ‘Sweet Like a Peach,’ the latest from her forthcoming LP, ‘93, out on September 8 via Ani DiFranco’s label, Righteous Babe Records.

Dreamy and wistful, the track is an ode to the thrill of infatuation. Mimicking the feeling of fresh love and the high of falling for someone new, Nolan is in a sea of gentle touch in the ‘Sweet Like A Peach’ music video directed by Lindsey Patkos. Dancers from the Garage Collective pleasantly encircle Nolan as she sings, “Sweet like a peach/ dripping in poison/ we are in danger/ but I like it,” running their fingers through her hair and layering their hands on her skin. Eyes closed and swaying gently, Nolan lifts her voice as the song layers around listeners like a hug.

“At its core, this song is a compassionate look at the self-indulgence of falling for a stranger,” Nolan explains. “I was chewing on this idea of attraction as a drug. When we connect with someone quickly, it can feel euphoric – we also run the risk of leaving the present and building up a story about who the person is based on assumptions.”

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