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Photo credit: Nick Mckk

Jess Ribeiro shares new single/video ‘Jump The Gun’

After recently announcing her new album Summer of Love is due April 12 via Labelman, Naarm/Melbourne-based folk chameleon Jess Ribeiro is today sharing the third single from the record, ‘Jump The Gun’.

A look inside the endless chatter of an impulsive and hasty mind that moves and reacts before considering the consequences, ‘Jump The Gun’ is an almost industrial-rock-pop number, that features drums and percussion from two heavyweights Jim White (The Dirty Three / Xylouris White) and Dave Mudie (Courtney Barnett). Ribeiro’s vocals are deadpan amidst the distorted guitars and elevated synths, leading into a chaotic screeching saxophone solo by Darcy McNulty (Jazz Party), that ends with a, abrupt slamming of the breaks.

On the track, Jess Ribeiro said “I love the saxophone played by Darcy on this song alongside the screeching guitar towards the end. It was a pleasure working with Darcy. Jim was fun to work with in the studio too, open to trying anything, and going with whatever we presented him with. Dave recorded the original drums at his house and sent them over. He didn’t get to come in due to the nature of the time. Despite the fact we didn’t get to be together in the same studio, I love how it all came together.”

‘Jump The Gun’ is released with a lo-fi video edited and warped by long time collaborator Greta Larkins who used snippets of bush landscapes, waterways, hidden messages and dancing clouds from Jess’s personal phone footage captured while living and recording regionally.

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