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Jess Ribeiro announces new album Summer of Love; shares new single/video ‘Everything Is Now’

Naarm/Melbourne-based folk chameleon Jess Ribeiro unveils details of her forthcoming album Summer of Love, which is due out April 12 via Labelman. Today Ribeiro is sharing the second single from the record, ‘Everything Is Now’ alongside a one-shot take video starring acclaimed contemporary and shamanistic dancer Tony Yap.

‘Everything is Now’ is about the primal yearning for the magic of nature, a coming back into the present after the burn out of overwork and modern city life. It’s escaping the city, letting go of the daily chatter and returning to the self. The song opens with an analogue tape loop replicating the sound of a train trailing along the tracks and Jess’s repetitious parlour guitar strum before the unflappable opening line “the river is calling me away upstream like some kind of game.” Inviting the listener into a low key dance floor number, full of jagged instrumentation. The song was recorded in the small coastal town of Point Lonsdale during Melbournes infamous lockdown period by producer Nick Huggins.

The video for ‘Everything Is Now’ was inspired by Jess Ribeiro’s childhood spent in country town Chinese restaurants where her father was a chef, and features her alongside Naarm/Melbourne-based multi-disciplinary artist, company director and shamanistic dancer Tony Yap. In the one-shot take filmed by Nick Mckk, they fill the space of the dining hall through improvised movement, both mirroring and feeding off one another, reflective of Yap’s practice, which is informed by psychophysical research, Asian shamanistic trance dance, butoh and ‘psycho-vocal’ experimentations.

Summer Of Love:

  1. Maybe If I Wore Sunglasses Inside I Won’t Feel Tired
  2. Everything Is Now
  3. The Trees & Me
  4. Paradise
  5. Jump The Gun
  6. Airborne
  7. Helicopter
  8. Summer of Love
  9. Wake In Fright
  10. Howl

Photo credit: Nick Mckk

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