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Jet City Sports Club return with new single ‘Drug Store (Waste My Time)’

Constructing dreamy indie pop soundscapes is something that Sydney’s Jet City Sports Club are masters of, at this stage of their career. Quickly winning hearts of new fans in 2022 with releases such as ‘Green Thumb’ and ‘Feeling It All’, the four-piece have returned for 2023 to level things up and broaden their scope, with the release of the shimmering new track, ‘Drug Store (Waste My Time)’. A song that is perfect for music fans who dig artists like Middle Kids, Soccer Mommy and The Beths, ‘Drug Store (Waste My Time)’ is the first piece of new music from Jet City Sports Club, and an enthusiastic insight into more new music still to come.

For this track, the band recorded in Sydney with Fletcher Matthews on production and engineering, as well as William Bowden on mastering. Development of the track grew out of Matthews’ Glebe studio, a process songwriter Lilla Obradovic says was a nice, organic one.

“[We] worked at breaking down the initial seed/idea of the song and re-shaping it to be more storytelling and melodically catchy. After finishing the writing of the song core (guitar and vocals), we set to work deciding what type of beats and bass lines and frills we wanted throughout the song. We honestly were just having a great time figuring out how the song should sound in between lunch breaks of Chinese dumplings and cups of coffee,” says singer Lilia Obradovic.

‘Drug Store (Waste My Time)’, at its core, is a love song. Told from the perspective of someone who yearns for another from afar, the song feels like it takes place in a dream. There’s a playful nostalgia and naivety to the song that makes it easy to sink into, jam packed with charisma largely thanks to Obradovic’s vocals.

Lilia continues: “When I started writing this song, It was about always wanting more from a significant other, but it evolved into a sort of longing and desperation to be seen by someone you don’t even really know. Someone who might not even know you exist yet.

“You know that feeling when you have a big crush on someone from a distance and you hope that they can feel your eyes on them across the room, but it’s all just juvenile because you don’t even know if you’d like them if you really got too close? I suppose the song is about that feeling. A dream of something that isn’t and might never be.”

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