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Haley Johnsen finds some ‘Common Ground’ with new single

Portland-based singer-songwriter Haley Johnsen is back with her new single ‘Common Ground’.

‘Common Ground’, “was written during the Summer of 2020, which felt like the precipice of an even deeper divide being carved between our country”, se explains. “Circumstances of the pandemic lead us to be more reliable to our devices, more obsessed with the news, and more at odds with our family and friends who had differing views. I wrote this song about my own sadness and frustration with the reality of this political landscape. How taking a stand on something I believed in only furthered the divide between the ones I loved. This song is a desperate plea asking society, are we ok with this? Are we capable of coming together and finding common ground, or is it too late?”

The single marks the third off of her upcoming full length that promises to be “quirky, dramatic, soft, somber, eclectic, and energetic.” Kinda like Haley Johnsen.

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