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Joan & The Giants drop new single ‘Born In The Wrong Time’

Ahead of their biggest shows to date supporting P!NK and Tones & I at Optus Stadium, as well as their own headline shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Fremantle, Joan & The Giants drop an indie-rock-bop in the form of ‘Born In The Wrong Time’ today.

Having a knack for unbottling emotions –stirring laughter and joy while also drawing tears– Joan & The Giants continue to shine with their care-free indie-rock with ‘Born In The Wrong Time’. Twirling in a hazy kaleidoscopic summer of love, ‘Born In The Wrong Time’ is upbeat and vibrant as it romanticises a bygone era of simpler times. Instilling an air of old school rock n’ roll with chugging palm-muted guitar and full-band rock hits, the track is punchy, triumphant and an absolute ear-worm.

Dreaming of living in a different era, ‘Born In The Wrong Time’ is about not fitting in and wanting to escape to the past where things seemed easier and ideologies were more aligned. Grace Newton-Wordsworth states:

“Raw in its bones, ‘Born In The Wrong Time’ is a song about tapping out from the modern world and yearning for a time when things were a bit more simple. Lyrically, I wrote this song about feeling like an outsider throughout every stage of my life. From being misunderstood throughout childhood, to never quite feeling part of whatever adulthood is – everything has always felt a little disconnected, like I’m an old soul trapped in this body.”

It’s quite easy to look back and wish to have been there with some of music’s biggest heroes for some of the most iconic movements in the last century, especially with the way the world can feel today, as Aaron Birch adds:

“‘Born in the Wrong Time’ was written with iconic music festivals like Woodstock ‘69 in mind, and it’s an exploration on how sometimes being in the modern world with all the social media and modern distractions can be intoxicating and make you feel really small as a person.”

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