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Joan & the Giants share newest single ‘Slow Motion’

Known for their heart-aching brand of alt-pop that crafts beautiful, emotive scenes around artful instrumentals and breathtaking vocals, Perth-based outfit Joan & The Giants are unveiling their newest single ‘Slow Motion’ today.

Joan & The Giants are manipulating time and tugging at heartstrings in ‘Slow Motion’, wrapping us in an intoxicating indie-pop atmosphere that shivers with the delicate intensity of falling in love. Accompanied by swooning riffs and a thumping drum heartbeat, Grace’s elegant vocal delivery radiates with the warmth of a whispered breath as the candlelit verse opens up to an enveloping chorus, joined by the serenading strum of an acoustic guitar. Tinged with rose and blurry around the edges, ‘Slow Motion’ culminates in a swirling instrumental that conjures its own romantic scene, as time slows and the feeling of falling in love explored in the track becomes so palpable that it could take your breath away.

With Joan & The Giants founders Grace Newton-Wordsworth and Aaron Birch known for drawing inspiration from their personal lives in their songwriting, ‘Slow Motion’ is an intimate song detailing the all-encompassing feeling of falling in love, as Grace explains: “‘Slow Motion’ was written about falling in love when you least expect it. The intoxicating feeling of a smokey, dim-lit room moving in Slow Motion. Time starts to fall away and your whole body is focused on breathing someone in and embracing a new part of yourself.”


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