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Jordi Up Late shares new single ‘HOAX’

LA-based electropop artist and producer Jordi Up Late is back with a brand new single entitled ‘HOAX.’

Speaking on her latest track, she wrote: “I’ve never thought of myself as a particularly sweet or bubbly person. I get moody and I get annoyed and I need space. So when I found myself in a relationship with a happy go lucky type, the personality imbalance created a creeping disillusionment. The tension festered over time into my feeling he was either fake or emotionally one dimensional. Either way the relationship became a ‘hoax’ and disintegration was inevitable.

“The lyrics and concept flowed easily after I created the synth riff and the backbone of the song. After producing the rest of the track, I brought on BRUX, an electronic powerhouse, to co-produce and bring it home.Then I passed it on to Amy Dragon to master. From conception to finish, ‘HOAX’ is a female-engineered single.”


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