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Photo credit: Natalie Kerr

Winter Gardens share new single ‘Crystallise’

East Sussex-based band Winter Gardens have released their latest electro/indie/disco/pop odyssey, ‘Crystallise’.

‘Crystallise’ creates a marriage between bubbling transcendental synths and locomotive disco beats. There is a sense of infinite depth in the arrangement, with every pocket of available space hiding a new detail of sound. Taking inspiration from some of the more avant-garde artists of the 1980’s, the production in ‘Crystallise’ looks to create something not heard before but yet slightly familiar. A forward look into the future of the past.

With the accompaniment of drum loops, synths, pianos, pads and Ananda Howard’s celestial vocals, Winter Gardens take the listener on a journey through an eclectic ray of disparate sounds. Cascading guitars, arping synthesisers, elegantly flowing keys, serene textures and a pulsing groove glued together with a tempestuous brooding energy.


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