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Photo credit: Colin Medley

Julianna Riolino shares new single ‘Queen of Spades’

Toronto-based artist, Julianna Riolino is sharing her new single, ‘Queen of Spades’ which comes as the latest to be lifted from her forthcoming debut album, All Blue which is out for release via You’ve Changed Records on October 14.

While also moonlighting as part of Daniel Romano’s ‘The Outfit’, Riolino has slowly but surely been building a solo career of her own over the past few years with this debut LP following on from her 2019 EP, J.R. which helped to establish Julianna’s musical direction while finding her open for the likes of Julie Doiron, Daniel Romano and Born Ruffians across North America.

This latest cut from the forthcoming debut record, ‘Queen of Spades’ arrives as another snappy installment of Riolino’s knack for power-pop-adjacent alt-country in the same vein as Jenny Lewis, Emmylou Harris and Judee Sill. The sway and twang of ‘Queen of Spades’ veils references to the other three suits in a deck of cards, Riolino rewarding closer listens though even the surface level is downright Parton-esque. “And it breaks my heart in two/ Pieces of a portrait be/ Happiness and fragility,” she sings, pedal steel guitar gliding through her tight harmonies, the song a musical middle finger to an insincere lover.

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