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Kath & The Kicks release new single ‘NEPTUNE’

Formed in 2018, Kath & The Kicks have been creeping through the UK rock scene with previous singles ‘Stay Away From Me’, ‘Walls Between Us’ and ‘Let It Out’. ‘NEPTUNE’ is the latest hard-hitting rock track from this trio that continue to cement themselves as one of the UK’s most enthralling acts, both live and in the studio.

About NEPTUNE the band say: “‘NEPTUNE’ was written in our early days and has evolved over time as our live sound has developed. Initially as a set-opener, ‘NEPTUNE’ has always been about power and impact. As a 3 piece, our attitude is to maximise every single sonic possibility; the song creates space to showcase the rock/grunge range we have as a band. Moving between two different feels, the song combines classic power rock vocal melodies and arena style drums over the chorus, alongside the gnarly bass line and spacious guitars in the verse. Our aim is always to fill our sonic space with balanced energy. Written about upholding an internal compass, ‘NEPTUNE’ talks about strength in solitude and the power of being honest, both to those around you and to yourself.”

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