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Maggot Heart announce forthcoming album Hunger and share new single ‘Looking Back At You’

Iconoclast Berlin trio Maggot Heart announce their forthcoming third album Hunger today, sharing the lyric video for lead single ‘Looking Back At You’. The song hits all streaming platforms tomorrow. Hunger arrives September 29 via Svart Records and Rapid Eye Records.

About the single, singer/guitarist Linnéa Olsson says, “one of the more aggressive songs on the album and definitely some of the angriest lyrics I’ve ever written; ‘Looking Back at You’ is about reclaiming power. The video plays on the concept of being observed, something like ’Schrödinger’s Woman’! One of my faves on the album.”

Maggot Heart, crossover rock band based in Berlin, channels emotional alchemy through music. Consisting of guitarist and singer Linnéa Olsson, bassist Olivia Airey and drummer Uno Bruniusson, Maggot Heart refuse to be categorized. Originally from Sweden, Olsson formed Maggot Heart as a solo project in 2016, after carving a name for herself in bands like The Oath, Beastmilk/Grave Pleasures.

Now on their third album Hunger, recorded in Berlin and mixed by the acclaimed American producer and engineer Ben Greenberg (METZ, Portrayal Of Guilt), Maggot Heart’s game is about to change. Whip-tight choruses, guided by a grunge-aged sensibility, where Punk and Noise Rock grime are layered beneath Swedish 70’s proto-metallic ooze, lurch you back for more.


  1. Scandinavian Hunger
  2. Nil by Mouth
  3. LBD
  4. Archer
  5. This Shadow
  6. Looking Back at You
  7. Concrete Soup
  8. Parasite

Photo credit: Joe Dilworth

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